Design & Engineering

  • Front End Development

    All of the systems we are involved in are engineered well before any work is started. We see ourselves as the "architects" for electronic systems. All system details, or the system "blueprints", are developed to insure proper system integration and implementation.

  • Integration

    System integration not only addresses how the system functions or works from a physical perspective, but also how the hardware blends into the home or office architecture and interior design. During the engineering process, we are working with the builder, architect, interior designer and tradesman to make sure that the system not only meets all physical requirements for proper operation but we are also looking at how to creatively integrate this technology where it becomes a part of the client lifestyle and use.

  • Documentation

    The system engineering process yields complete system documentation that is used to manage the proper integration and implementation of the system. Project documentation ranges by the complexity of the project and scope of work. It is developed by project phase. Copies of the documentation are supplied to project related parties or tradesman as needed.

Sample Documentation Download :

Structured Cabling Systems:

AVA provides homeowners with the wiring infrastructure they need from OnQ, UsTec, Binary and other manufacturers to distribute and connect video, data and voice signals for home entertainment, home networking and home security and automation. This is often one of the biggest overlooked systems for the home. A properly designed structured cabling system can provide connectivity for all the electronic devices planned for installation, as well as, items purchased in the future. At AVA we provide the most comprehensive wiring systems available to make sure your biggest asset is present and future proof. Whether it be working with developers on cost effective spec home designs or full on custom designs, AVA is right at home providing the best project management, materials and expertise to any home or business.

  • Audio

    We can provide the infrastructure for today's Distributed Audio Systems. This can be a full prewire scheduled for a finish with speaker rings installed before sheetrock or we can leave the wires behind the walls and document with diagrams and video recordings for finishing at a later date. It is a great way to save money on installation when the wires are already in the walls.

  • Video

    Consists of distributing high-definition CATV, Satellite, and Digital Off-air, and Closed Circuit TV programming throughout your home without loss of signal quality. You can view programming from any room simply by connecting a television set. We can also provide conduit raceways for future devices like flat screen TVs and projectors. Forethought into video system design can un-clutter walls and rooms by remotely locating the equipment as well. Have the freedom to pick out furniture based on sctrictly style versus what equipment will fit.

  • Broadband Internet Access

    High quality enterprise grade routers and switches create a computer network that lets you share high-speed cable, DSL or satellite Internet access with multiple computers and Ethernet devices. Connection is easy and instant. Plug your computer into any wall plate for dependable, wired connections or use wireless access points located throughout the home to get maximum wireless coverage on your laptop, iPad, Nook, or other wireless devices.

  • Computer Networking

    Structured cabling infrastructures provide the cabling necessary to seamlessly link computers and other network-able devices. Share files faster and more conveniently without the use of floppy disks, CDs or the newer USB keys. You also can share equipment such as a printer, scanner or CD burner. Computer networks are no longer just for computers either, there is a growing list of devices that can benefit from network connections. New Set Top Boxes can stream video to other devices, XBOX or Playstation consoles can play online for the ultimate gaming experience. Media Center Extenders, DVD Management systems can simultaneously stream multiple movies from your DVD collection throughout the home. NAS (Network Attached Storage) drives are also a wonderful and easy way to backup computers, photo collections, music and movie collections, etc.

Home Theaters:

These are usually dedicated rooms with optimum audio and video performance being the primary focus, but never taking the front seat to aesthetics and comfort. Big screens, big sound, big comforts and big costs are what normally come to mind when thinking of home theaters, but smaller designs can be accomplished cost effectively and can provide the entire family many years of entertainment and pleasure. Larger more elaborate rooms can offer more space, intricately designed interiors, acoustical treatments, automated shading systems, lighting controls, higher end equipment, etc. We have partnered with the best equipment manufactures in the world and have a highly trained and skilled staff to execute our designs and ensure the best performance and dependability. One thing is for sure, the theater experience can be brought to your home for nearly any budget.

Media Rooms:

Media rooms have become a very broad category. They normally consist of a multiple use area that has the highest level of sound quality and display performance given the areas lighting, space and acoustical characteristics. They will often accomplish many different tasks like viewing Cable/Sat, DVDs, Videos, Gaming Systems, Media Center PCs as well as Portable A/V Devices like Ipods, Camcorders and Laptops. These rooms are a great challenge because they are typically in one of the homes most important areas where aesthetics play a key role. We stand to these challenges by providing innovative designs and products that blend seamlessly into any décor. We also work closely with interior designers and architects to ensure their vision is not compromised. What you see or rather, what you don't, will impress.

Distributed Audio Systems:

Distributed Audio installations typically involve a centralized system that delivers music to other rooms or areas of the house. Any room can have its own in-wall or free standing loudspeakers and video as well as wall-mounted, tabletop, or handheld remotes and touch-panels that communicate with and control the remotely located sources. In addition to serving multiple rooms, multi-zone systems can play different music sources simultaneously in different rooms. Sources can be FM/HD Radio, Sirius/XM Radio, iTunes Music, Music Servers, as well as the new on-line music services such as Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, etc. When integrated with a control system, the wall mounted, tabletop, or handheld remotes can provide real time feedback like artist, title, and track info. You can also search through music collections and playlists right from the remote. After finding out how each room will be used the system is designed accordingly keeping all factors in mind, design, performance and functionality. All the user does is push buttons on a simple and elegant interface, with no need to worry about the magic that happens behind the scenes.

Distributed Video Systems:

Distributed Video systems have become increasingly popular and efficient ways to distribute high definition video sources throughout a home. It is also a great way to reduce the number of sources needed for a project. Share an AppleTV or Blu-ray with all of the TVs. View surveillance Cameras from any TV. Start playing a movie in the Living Room and finish it in the Bedroom. It can also eliminate all of the equipment typically located with the TV like Satellite and Cable boxes, DVD/Blu-ray Players, etc. from being in the room. This allows a clean and uncluttered look. With the advent of HDMI and the looming Analog Sunset, proper video distribution design has become critical. There is allot to the HDMI standard, HDCP, EDID, CEC, Handshakes, increasing resolutions, 3D, etc. To ensure a pristine HD picture to all of your TVs, no matter the distance, great care needs to be put into the design and product selection. Products like Crestron DM and Zektor Clarity Elite are at the forefront of HDMI distribution technology. To ensure the ultimate in future proofing, consider a fiber optic based distribution system.

Control/Automation Systems:

Futurists have been talking about "Smart Homes" for so long, in such an exaggerated fashion, that few people realize that these homes do exist and are eminently practical. Think about your automobile- all controls are right there in front of you on the dashboard. You don't have to crawl into the back to turn on the headlights, or go to the trunk to adjust the air conditioning. A home automation system puts you in the driver's seat, able to access and control all of your home's "mechanical system's" and receive important feed back from anywhere in your home or even when you are away. Lighting, climate control, security, audio, video, telephones, computers, pools and spas are at your immediate command. An intelligent home is a sensible and functional home, not a monument to complex technology. Customized touch-screen panels, in-wall keypads, wireless remotes and telephone and computer links provide a wide choice of elegant control options. With structured wiring and modular design, you can easily add new capabilities and services, thus preserving your original investment.

Lighting Controls:

Although few people realize it, one of the single most important factors in setting the proper ambiance in movie theaters and fine-dining is lighting. Why settle for ordinary lighting in your home when you can have the luxury of controlling lights with the touch of a button? Imagine creating a soft pathway of light in the middle of the night from your bed to the bathroom simply by touching a button on your bedside table. Create special settings for any social event or security situation easily with Crestron and Lutron lighting control systems. Lighting control can be as simple as some manual dimmers on key lighting circuits or lighting a path home by hitting the garage door opener or driving past a driveway sensor. Systems can grow to whole home systems where one button press can set the entire house to pre-set scenes (entertaining, goodnight, wake-up) or tasks (welcome, good-bye, midnight snack). Our systems will create an environment that will anticipate your every need while ensuring maximum comfort and safety. Centralized dimming panels can also remove standard switches off the wall and replace them with small 1-7 Button keypads to reduce clutter and make a very strong architectural statement. Lighting Control is also a very "Green" technology and can drastically reduce energy consumption.

Motorized Window Treatments:

Motorized Window Treatments automate the control of natural light into your home. A central processor can lower shades at certain times of the day to provide privacy, help regulate the temperature, or protect your furniture and artwork from harmful UV rays. Curtains and shades can be automatically opened and closed from touch panels or keypads anywhere in your home.

Climate Control Systems:

Climate Control Systems automate the heating and cooling and can help regulate the humidity in your home. A central processor can be programmed raise or lower temperature at certain times of day to save energy and maximize comfort. Temperature and humidity can be monitored and adjusted from touch screens, digital thermostats, or from your computer via the internet.

Security Systems:

Security Systems monitor certain conditions in your home and can trigger alarms and report automatically to you and/or a central monitoring station in the event of a breach. Your home and property can be automatically monitored for unwanted intrusion, smoke, fire, gas leaks, and water leaks.

Surveillance Camera Systems:

Surveillance Camera Systems provide views of your property from strategically placed cameras which can be monitored on TVs, video touch screens, even from your computer via the internet. Cameras with pan, tilt, and zoom features can be installed to maximize the viewing area available to you. Cameras can provide views even in very low light conditions. The camera views can be digitally recorded and stored on computer hard drives. Cameras can augment the security system by triggering alarms and starting the recorders when they sense motion in the viewing area.

Other Controlled Systems:

Other Controlled Systems may include lawn irrigation equipment, pool equipment, pumps for fountains, pest control equipment, and so on which can be monitored, scheduled, and operated from touch screens, keypads, or your computer via the internet.

Access Control Systems:

Access Control Systems provide the means to automatically lock and unlock, or open and close gates and doors from a central processor using keypads or sensors to trigger electronic locks or gate operators.

Central Vacuum Systems:

Central Vacuum Systems locate a powerful vacuum cannister in an outside area such as your garage and extend the vacuum capability throughout your home via pipes and wall outlets. All the debris vacuummed up is taken outside your home to the cannister eliminating the possibility of leakage from bags or inside cannisters back into your home. Since the vacuum motor is outside the system is much quieter while operated, too.